We invite you to celebrate with us the 100th anniversary of the discovery of isotopes!

Kinetic isotope studies are of fundamental importance to elucidate chemical reaction mechanisms. Isotopic fingerprints give proof of falsifications in food science and doping in sports. Changes in pollutant isotope ratios demonstrate the occurrence of remediation in contaminated groundwater. Isotope budgets constrain the transport of compounds on a global scale. Recent instrumental advances allow measurements of isotope effects in unprecedented resolution and precision, and even at low environmental concentrations. Traditionally, related knowledge has been dispersed over different disciplines, with few occasions for stimulating exchange. Together with you, we would like to bring the worlds of organic isotope chemistry and related disciplines closer together. The conference will feature the importance of fundamental mechanistic isotopic studies, and their impact for the investigation of organic compounds in related fields such as biogeochemistry, contaminant hydrology, medical and food sciences.

Join Us in 2013!

Conference Poster (PDF)